Sanggol U Shaped Contoured Pillow with Cover and Carry Bag


This Award-winning U-Shaped Maternity Pillow with international trademarks in Europe, and North America is specifically designed and tested to excellent quality standards, requirements, and taste.

Our pillow supports your head, neck, shoulders, baby bump, back, knees and legs without the need for several pillows or to change your position. It comes in a practical storage/carry bag. Want a different colour? On request, you can find different coloured covers or designs in the Sanggol range.

Another great thing about Sanggol U shaped Pillow is its versatility for support, pain reduction, insomnia relief and Fibromyalgia or Chronic pain relief aid.


 As Pregnancy Pillow

  • Its contoured shape enables it to form around the pregnant woman giving support to your belly, back, hips neck and head
  • It is effective against heartburn, acid reflux, maternity discomfort, or restlessness
  • Helps to achieve a comfortable sleeping position and great for side sleepers and back sleepers as well as helping to keep you from rolling onto your stomach.

As Support Aid for Medical Use or Body Pillow

  • It provides all over support post-surgery as well as a support aid in adult care.
  • It helps with pain in the lumbar spine, supports side sleeping position and helps in physiotherapy.

As Fibromyalgia or Other Chronic Disease Aid

Less strain on your muscles.

  • Allows the spine of a Fibromyalgia sufferer to align in a more neutral and comfortable position when used to support the torso whilst the pillow is used to separate the knees or pushed behind them when lying on your back
  • Provides lumbar support when you sit when pushed behind your lower back.

As Nursing Pillow

  • Wrap the sanggol round your waste to elevate your baby at feeding times. It helps mum and Dad to avoid back and neck pain whilst it elevates the baby to reduce colic and reflux when breast feeding or bottle feeding.
  • Use as crib or a play support for new-born or growing toddler


  • Perfect for you and your Family – This Sanggol U- Pillow with Cover is the perfect size for double and king size beds; intentionally large to give full support from pregnancy to breastfeeding.
  • Excellent quality fabric filling: The pillow is consistently filled with high density, robust and hypoallergenic anti-allergy filing.
  • No smelling or flattening. The skin friendly zippered high-quality outer fabric is made of high thread count combed 100% cotton fabric. Does not Shrink, lasts long and gets softer with each wash.
  • Carry bag | Storage bag
  • 2 Sizes – XL 152 x 90 cm and Regular – 140 x 82 cm

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