Sanggol U Body Pillow For Pregnancy, Fibromyalgia and Insomnia Relief


Snuggle with the Sanggol Contoured pregnancy Pillow for a Super Restful Night

Colour: White

Size: Regular-XL - Select from list

Regular : Length - 140cm; Width - 82cm

XL : Length - 152cm; Width - 90cm

This u shaped pillow is an extremely comfortable pregnancy pillow, useful from pregnancy to birth and nursing. Thanks to the contoured shape . it forms around your body to provide support for your head, shoulder, neck, back, stomach, knees and legs.

It alleviates certain types of aches and pain and  great for use as medical and support aid pillow for disabled people, adult care or post-surgery and for insomnia sufferers. As a side sleeper pillow or lower back sleeper pillow, it enables you to position yourself comfortably in bed and is suitable as an anti snore pillow.

Also, this pillow is a support aid as all-round 360° body support for those suffering from   fibromyalgia, insomnia or other chronic body aches or pain . According to one of our customers, "it's like sleeping in the cloud!"

The Sanggol U Body Pillow for Pregnancy, Fibromyalgia and Insomnia Relief 
  • Is one of the best  body pillows for fibromyalgia in the UK and Europe due to 360° support
  • Is a great insomnia aid to falling asleep, for people suffering from Insomnia
  • Provides relief from pregnancy or maternity discomfort, restlessness, acid reflux, heartburn, and back pain
  • Provides relief from post-surgery or other chronic body aches and pain 
  • Provides relaxation or prop up aid in bed
  • Is great for nursing and bottle feeding after birth or as baby play or crib


      Use As -

      Pregnancy pillow or maternity body pillow for expectant mothers. This pillow helps you achieve optimal fetal positioning while lying in bed- whilst aiding in relief of Pelvic Girdle Pain or Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. Use to support belly, back, shoulder, knees and legs and to reduce heartburn, back pain and swelling in pregnancy.

      Great for sufferers of insomniaFibromyalgiaMuscular Dystrophy, ME or other chronic body aches and pain.  It is also great for use as medical and support aid pillow for disabled people or those in adult care or for use post-surgery and for insomnia sufferers

      As an extra-large nursing pillow or breastfeeding pillow: No need to buy a new pillow after the birth of your baby, this pillow lasts from pregnancy to birth. Use as a breastfeeding pillow or nursing pillow. When feeding, it supports your baby as well as enabling good posture for mum and dad, reducing the weight of the baby on the back and upper body and tension and pain on the nipples

      Post-Surgery or Chronic Pain Pillow: Great for total body support post-surgery/ operation or relief from chronic body pain

      Great for Relaxation: For relaxation on an armchair or on the bed whilst reading, watching TV and general relaxation 


      • High Quality Hypoallergenic Filling: Sanggol pillows are intentionally made from high grade, non allergenic hollowfibre filling. This is the best grade of hollowfibre which is great for people who suffer from allergies.
      • Skin Friendly: The pillow comes with two-layered fabric. The outer layer is made of best quality 100% combed white cotton fabric which is removable and washable. Gets softer with every wash and retain its quality and last long. Inner fabric is non-woven excellent quality fabric, keeping the filling in place.
      • Follows Natural Body Shape: It follows the natural shape of the body ensuring support for all parts of the body without the need for several pillows or to change position
      • No Smelling or Flattening: Double layered covering- inner and outer covers - non-scratchy, skin friendly cover
      • Lasting Storage Bag: Comes in an excellent quality, zippered and reusable packaging bag for storage after re-vacuuming
      • Easy to Wash Zippered Removable Pillowcase: No fuss removal with side to side zipper mechanism making it easy to remove for a wash and wear the pillowcase back on. You can add or remove the hollowfibre filling in the inner non-woven fabric as preferred

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