Car Seat Headrest Cushion Neck Pillow Adjustable Travel Nap Head Support


Side headrest for car travel neck or comfortable support for children during travel. rotates 180 degrees and can be folded when not in use.  The side pillows of the headrest are filled with a soft and thick memory foam that is sufficient as a pillow. 

 - Supports the head and neck and stops slumping over whilst sleeping or having a nap.

- Helps relax neck muscles, and prevents floating neck caused by prolonged bending, fatigue and pain. 

- Memory foam filling protects head from banging on car door window especially during a long drive on vacation.

- The headrest angle is adjustable. 

- The pillowcase is made of leather and is easy to clean. Suitable for most vehicles with headrests.



Exterior material: Leather

Internal filling: Memory Foam

Installation method: Fix the seat pull rod. The fixed size of headrest installation is adjustable, and the adjustment range is 80-170 mm

1x set of headrest