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Sanggol Breastfeeding Pillow and Pregnancy Pillow - Clearance

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Sanggol Boomerang Body Pillow Nursing and Bottlefeeding Pillow


 This Sanggol quality Pillow is 

  • Carefully designed in the UK patented and manufactured to provide great comfort, at the best quality. They are made to UK and EU high quality standards
  • A great travel companion for you and baby. They are useful when you travel and you still want home comfort. Small in size when compared to other pregnancy pillows but still provide the comfort and support you need when used as a nursing pillow, pregnancy pillow or body support pillow
  • The Sanggol C Boomerang shaped pillow and one-sided with ties, enabling its use as a breastfeeding or bottle feeding pillow when wrapped around your waist,  as a one sided sleeping pillow or body support for side sleepers or anyone whilst sleeping or as a crib for infant or toddler support or play.
  • An excellent quality pillow made with skin friendly,  baby safe and long lasting materials 
    • The pillowcase is made of two parts of non woven hypoallergenic inner fabric and an outer fabric of 100 percent closely woven, combed cotton of 233 TC percale and no shrinkage at 104-degree F
    • The filling is quality high grade (7D, AA) hollowfibre filling with an all-over consistency, no lumps and anti allergy.


Your package of Sanggol Maternity/Body Pillow will include:

1. One Boomerang Maternity Pillow/Body Pillow/ Pregnancy Pillow/Nursing Pillow. 
2. A complementary 100% cotton pillowcase €“ worn on the pillow. 
3. One excellent quality, zippered and reusable packaging bag for storage after re-vacuuming.

Please contact us for an Instruction Manual if required on how to reshape the pillow if required.