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Baby Wrap Sling Carrier by Sanggol - Pink

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Multitask with this pink Baby Wrap Sling Carrier having your baby close to your chest or back . Grab a cup of tea, handle those household chores, attend to other siblings whilst still having your baby right next to you. Baby Wrap Sling Carrier - Pink by Sanggol (Up to16kg / 35lbs) For New-born, Infants and Toddlers helps calm and soothe baby easily as they are being held close to you.

  • It offers support at feeding time, doubles as postpartum stomach belt and breastfeeding cover.
  • Baby Wrap Sling Carrier creates a bond of trust & belonging between you and your baby. Also  your body warmth and the rocking which occurs as you move around helps baby drift to sleep easily as well as reduce colic. The positioning and constant light rocking of your body and baby's upright position expels air and relieves colic without any extra effort.
  • Our Baby Wrap Sling Carrier keeps your baby close to you and whilst on your chest, they listen to your heartbeat, making them feel extra safe and helps bonding between baby and you

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