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Baby Carrier Infant Baby Hip-seat Carrier

 0-36M Baby Carrier | Infant Baby Hip-seat Carrier | Front Facing Ergonomic Kangaroo Baby Wrap Sling | Child Suspenders Backpack
  • Comfortable stool, protects the spine
  • Circular stool surface, larger area to support the baby's thigh base
  • Protection against M leg type
  • New hollow technology 3D honeycomb high-elastic cover with 5mm pores gves up to 1000/mm air permeability
  • Comfortable, breathable and soft materials
  • Sloped stool surface pushes baby closer, secure and makes baby carrying a lot more comfortable. weight to make the stool close to 5°. 


Baby Carrier Infant Baby Hip-seat Carrier

  • Carrier Type: Baby Carrier Sling, Infant Sling Wrap, Baby sling, Baby Kangaroo Pouch
  • Carrying Type: Back Carry, Front Facing, Face-to-Face, Front Carry 
  • Load Bearing: 0 to 20kg / 44Lbs
  • Age Range: 0 to 2 Years 
  • Model: Ergonomic Baby Carrier 
  • Colour: Variable colours available 
  • Feature: Breathable 
  • Age Group: Newborn to Toddlers
  • Waist stool filler:EPP
  • Weight:20 kg
  • Design: Ergonomic Design: ensure baby's hips and legs are positioned correctly and comfortably, supporting your child in the natural spread-squat position, which distributes the baby's weight between the hips and shoulders
  • Color Classification:Mint Green / Mansa Red / Deep Blue / Cherry Powder

Age range for Baby Carrier Infant Baby Hip-seat Carrier

Age Range: 4-6 months
Age Range: 7-9 months
Age Range: 10-12 months
Age Range: 13-18 months
Age Range: 19-24 months
Age Range: 2 years Up
Age Range: 7-36 months
Age Range: 3-24 months
Age Range: 2-24 months
Age Range: 3-30 months
Age Range: 2-18 months
Load Bearing: 9kg
Load Bearing: 10kg
Load Bearing: 11kg
Load Bearing: 12kg
Load Bearing: 13kg
Load Bearing: 14kg
Load Bearing: 15kg
Load Bearing: 16kg
Load Bearing: 17KG
Load Bearing: 18kg
Load Bearing: 19kg
Load Bearing: 20KG
Pattern Type: Patchwork
Carriers Type: Front Carry
Carriers Type: Front Facing
Carriers Type: Face-to-Face
Model Number: Baby Carrier