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Sanggol® PAIR Premium Hotel Quality Feather and Down Pillow (Available in EU and UK only)

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Sanggol Luxury Pure Feather and Down Pillow with Down Proof Cover

Excellent Quality! Comfortable and Luxurious Pillow.

  • EXCELLENT QUALITY: white duck feather and down pillow. The Pillow cover are down proof, closely knitted cotton ensuring that the feather stays within. The cover fabric is of very high thread count. Branded Pillows
  • EASY-CARE wash at home pillows. Can be machine-washed and dried. Can be machine-washed and dried. Wash at 30⁰ and tumble dry immediately to avoid mold.
  • COMFORTABLE and LUXURIOUS feel, molds to the shape of your neck and head to give you a good night's sleep. MEDIUM TO SOFT FIRMNESS. Holds its shape well and can be scrunched and reshaped to achieve the best support for your neck.
  • FULL SIZE 71cm x 50cm (28inches x 20 inches)
  • 100% cotton 200 thread count DOUBLE-STITCHED DOWN-PROOF pillowcase, NO LEAKAGE OR POKING. GREAT QUALITY, 100% cotton 200 thread count, stops pillow content from leaking or poking. NO residual SMELL at all.