Sanggol U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow-Nursing Pillow with Cover - Sanggol®

Sanggol U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow-Nursing Pillow with Cover

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Sanggol U Shaped  Pregnancy Pillow-Breastfeeding Pillow with Cover

  • Colour: White
  • Style: Contoured U shaped
  • Cover: 100% Cotton
  • Filling Material: Non allerginic hollowfibre polyester
  • Size: Regular-XL - Select from list
  • No in Pack: 


  • Length : 140cm
  • Width: 75cm

XL :

  • Length: 152cm
  • Width 90cm
  • Sanggol U Shaped  Pregnancy Pillow-Breastfeeding Pillow with Cover - Good size for double and king size beds ; intentionally large to give full support from pregnancy to breastfeeding.
  • For pain relief or post-surgery. For sufferers of Fibromyalgia, Sciatica, ME and more
  • As nursing pillow - it comforts your baby, keeps correct posture for parents when feeding, reduces tension on the nipples, helps avoid the risk of colic and facilitates digestion.
  • Consistently filled with high density, robust and hypoallergenic anti-allergy filing. No smelling or flattening. Double layered. Non-scratchy, skin friendly covering.
  • Buy confidently with 60-days Money back no quibble refund or exchange guaranteed.


  • Great For Pregnancy : : Use the Sanggol Pregnancy and Maternity Support Body Pillow during pregnancy to support belly, back, shoulder, knees and kegs. Reduce hearburn, back pain and swelling in pregnancy

  • Lasts from Pregnancy to Nursing : : No need to buy a new pillow after the birth of your baby. Use the Sanggol U pillow as a breastfeeding pillow or nursing pillow for breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

  • Comfort Pillow - Post Surgery or Chronic Pain : : Great for total body support post surgery/ operation or relief from chronic body pain or symptoms of fibromyalgia, ME or similar

  • Great for Relaxation : : For relaxation on an arm chair or on the bed whilst reading, watching television and general relaxation

More Info

Packaging includes:

  • 1x Pillow,
  • 1 x white pillowcover - worn on the pillow
  • Packaging bag


  • Inner is hollow fiber material with non woven cover
  • Outer - 100% cotton pillowcover. Closely woven high threadcount cotton fabric