CLEARANCE: XL Sanggol U shaped Contoured Maternity Pillow


CLEARANCE: Sanggol pregnancy U pillow  is of excellent quality!


Please read clearance information here before you purchase. 

 CLEARANCE REASON: Packaging bag stained or damaged. Item no longer fits in packaging bag.

Sanggol Maternity & Body Pillows are fuller and longer than most maternity pillows. The packaging is excellent, and the pillows are comparable to any that you would find in a luxury / favourite department store

9 More Reasons to Buy Sanggol Pregnancy and Body Pillow

  1. Great for pregnancy and nursing. Gives great support to baby bump, back, neck, shoulder, and legs
  2. Great for pain relief after surgery or from chronic body pain or symptoms such as fibromyalgia, ME, arthritis, sciatica or similar.
  3. Helps you be more comfortable at night, very comfortable and takes pressure off joints.
  4. Great for allergy sufferers.
  5. Takes the place of five pillows and provides support for your whole body without the need to change your position
  6. Consistently filled with quality high grade AA hollowfibre material. No lumps.
  7. Use for pregnancy support or to reduce hearburn, back pain and swelling in pregnancy, for breastfeeding and nursing,
  8. Relaxation at home or as body pillow support 
  9. Comes with easy to remove pillowcase with side to side zipper mechanism so no fuss when removing the case. The Pillowcase is made of High quality cotton of 100 percent closely woven, combed cotton of 233 TC percale and no shrinkage at 104-degree F

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