How to Choose the Right Right Baby Wrap | Baby Sling Carrier to Buy

How to Choose the RightBaby Wrap | Baby Sling Carrier to Buy 

Posted By Ron Anthony | 1 May 2019 | Choosing the Right Baby Wrap to Buy for You and Your  Baby

Not sure if I should be nervous about this 😊 this is my first blog ever!! 👏👏👏Yes ever ‼️ I am nervous and excited at the same time!! So, let’s see…

So, here we go… Baby Wraps...

When I had my lovely boys, 18 – 22 years ago, we didn’t have these fancy stuff mothers have today. I had my babies with me when I was out and about, I would either have them alone in a pram or in my arms. This was a problem for agile parents because you were limited  to what you could do. You have to have your baby either - alone in a pram, your arms or have another ‘whole human being’ 🤣 🤣 🤣 – like the mother-in-law.


Fast forward, few years later…

In comes, freedom, independence and the Baby Wrap Sling Carrier!! ( baby sling or baby carrier or Mei Tai wraps). This was a turn around for mums and dads, which made me slightly jealous 💚! Why didn’t we have these in my days.  

So, baby wraps


Benefits of Baby Wrap Carriers

Baby wraps are great. They make life so much easier for mums and dads. With a excellent quality baby wrap, you will be able to:

  • Go out and about in the park, go shopping or grab a coffee or tea with friends with confidence.
  • Get your freedom back because, now, when you are out, you can have your baby close to you whilst you still have the use of your hands to pick and feel stuff, look after other toddlers, have a drink, hold hands with your partner… the things we take for granted, right ⁉️
  • Multitask, doing a bit of hooering, dusting cleaning,  without first waiting for baby to go to sleep before you can touch anything else
  • Have a less fussy and crying baby in the Wrap. Being close to you calms your baby as they listen to your heartbeat. This helps them settle quicker as they feel safe next to you.
  • Keep your baby close to you and let your baby listen to your heartbeat, making them feel extra safe and at ease. This makes the  bond between you and your baby stronger Baby Slings | Baby Carriers | Baby Wearing Wraps | Mei Tai Carriersallow this to happen.
  • Breastfeed discreetly on the go! With a baby wrap sling with you when you are out and about, breastfeeding mothers can breastfeed discreetly anywhere!

See why I said I was slightly jealous? 💗

Not all Baby Wrap Sling Carriers are the same!

When selecting a baby wrap, be careful to select the best value. There are many baby wraps available online these days that it is easy to buy the wrong thing and waste money.

Questions to ask before you buy:

  1. Is it made of good quality fabric? Will it last long? Think about it. You want your baby wrap to last for as long as possible for the next child and the next. Even if you don’t want another child, you could pass on to a sibling or a friend.
  2. Is it long and wide enough for you and baby? – A long and wide baby wrap allows enough fabric to wrap around you and your baby and it allows your baby to sit comfortably in front or behind you in the wrap.
  3. Is the fabric sturdy with a little bit of stretch?Baby wearing can be a stressful and uncomfortable business if you don’t have a sturdy fabric. Too stretchy and the baby won’t settle, and neither would you because you will spend half the time adjusting the fabric. Too little stretch and there will be no give to allow your baby to sit comfortably in the wrap so choose carefully.  
  4. Can I use it as my baby grows? Also, you want your baby to grow into the excellent quality wrapso you need one that will carry your baby or infant from new-born to toddler stage. Baby wraps that carry your baby up to 16kg (around 2 – 3 years) are the best!
  5. Is the baby sling machine washable and will colours run? This is something else to consider especially if you do a lot of your washing in a washing machine. Remember, you get what you pay for. Pay a little bit extra to get a good quality cotton baby wrap which should not run or shrink in a wash. Remember to still wash dark colours separately.
  6. What about storage? Each time you finish with your baby wrap you want to store them away nicely and neatly. Also, when you are out and about, having a nice storage bag will act as protective cover for your wrap as well as allowing space for other items in your carriage or nursing bag. To ensure this is possible, buy a baby wrap sling that has a storage bag.
  7. Does it come with an instruction manual or can you find one easily? Using a baby wrap for the first time is a learning curve but it is made much easier to have a guide to go by. In fact, once you have an instruction manual,  it becomes a doddle – honest. You only need to practice once or twice, and you are there! So, make sure that your baby wrap sling comes with an instruction manual. Just makes your life that much easier!
  8. Need a baby shower gift or new-born arrival gift? Baby Wraps are great for this. The new mum would love you each time she uses her baby wrap carrier. They are small and compact to wrap-up, and the best ones come in a sturdy box, making it easy to wrap up.


You can buy an excellent quality Baby Wrap here


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