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Pregnancy is an exciting period for a mother to be. But it is very challenging as their body goes through various transformation. Apart from morning sickness women have to deal with cramps, backache, indigestion, infections etc. In fact, it becomes difficult for women to sleep with a growing belly. With all these problems, good sleep at night is crucial and of course, at a time when you are told to get rest, you can't do so comfortably. Finding the perfect pregnancy pillow which will help women to get rid of all the pains is important.

What is a Maternity or Pregnancy Pillow?

A maternity or a pregnancy pillow is a specially designed pillow to suit and support the changing contours and curves of the body during pregnancy and offer support to various sleeping positions. This helps pregnant women to feel more comfortable in bed, which in turn enables them to get sound sleep at night.

Does Every Pregnant Woman Need a Pregnancy Pillow?

It totally depends on women, if she started suffering from sleep deprivation or pains during sleep, back aches, insomnia, toilet trips and many more added to these. So, for sure a woman should use pregnancy pillow as with pregnancy or maternity pillow a woman can have a sound and calming sleep.

Find the right pregnancy pillow for your body shape and bedtime. Click our top picks below to purchase. 

Pregnancy Pillow - Sanggol


Sanggol Maternity Pillows are fuller and longer than most maternity pillows. 

      Product Specification

The Sanggol U- Shaped Pregnancy Pillow is a perfect pick for any expecting mother looking for full-body support. This U-shaped pillow comes with easy to remove pillowcase with side to side zipper mechanism so no fuss when removing the case. It surrounds the entire body, providing support to baby bump, back, neck, shoulder, and legs. It is highly versatile and takes the place of five pillows and provides support for your whole body without the need to change your position. The U- shaped pillow is filled with quality high grade AA hollowfibre material. 

J Shaped Pregnancy Pillow


It offers the user the full support of a U pillow whilst also enabling cuddle comfort in bed. One side provides support and the other allows user to cuddle with their partner.

 Product Specification

The Sanggol J- Shape pregnancy pillow provides great support to baby bump, back, neck, shoulder, and legs whilst still maintaining cuddle comfort with your partner. Great for pain relief after surgery and for allergy sufferers. Consistently filled with quality high grade AA hollow fibre material. It helps women to be very comfortable at night and takes pressure off the joints.

Breastfeeding or Bottle Feeding Pillow


These pillows are great travel companion for you and baby. It is useful when you travel but still want home comfort. It is a good choice for anyone looking for a more neutral pillow when used for other supportive uses.

         Product Specification

The Sanggol C Boomerang shaped pillow is small in size as compared to other pregnancy pillows but still provides the comfort and support. Its design is great and can be used as breastfeeding or bottle feeding pillow when wrapped around your waist, as a one-sided sleeping pillow.
It is an excellent quality pillow made with skin friendly, baby safe and long lasting materials.  

When can a woman start using Pregnancy Pillow?

There is no as such fixed time when a pregnant lady should start using pregnancy pillow, she can start making use of pregnancy or maternity pillows when she feel uncomfortable while changing positions during her sleep. But at around 5 months of being pregnant, the tummy starts to grow or expand causing body pains due to increase in weight. This would be good time to start using maternity or pregnancy pillows.

Some women like to use a long, rectangular body pillow, which can slip beneath their bellies and between their knees. Others prefer small, wedge-like designs that fit under the belly to improve adjustment through the hip, legs, and back. Some use large, contoured pillows that encircle their whole body, supporting head, neck, belly, and legs in order to improve the sleeping posture.

Benefits of using Pregnancy or Maternity Pillows

The first and the best benefit of pregnancy or maternity pillow is that it helps to sleep better by providing support to the body. There are many more benefits of using maternity pillows such as -

  • Comfort for body aches and pains- During pregnancy, woman’s weight increases, which put stress and pressure on her back, hips and legs. And it is very important to give rest to all these body parts as they are the only one which help a person to sleep in good position. A pregnancy pillow helps to provide support and comfort to these parts and ensures proper rest, relieving aches and pain.

  • Better, more relaxed and longer sleeping hours -Rest is one of the major factor responsible for strong and safe pregnancy. So, pregnancy or maternity pillow will allow you to sleep better and that too for longer hours.

  • Helpful even after delivery- Maternity pillow will be useful even after delivery of the baby as it will come handy to put your baby in the right position.

  • Enhances circulation of blood- Sleeping on sides supports blood circulation, which is something more important for pregnant women. Many women may feel uncomfortable due to growing belly. So, a pregnancy pillow may provide a great help for women to sleep comfortably in the side position, thereby promoting and easing up the circulation of blood in the body.

As with many pillows, personal comfort is a major factor one should consider, especially due to the ever-changing nature of pregnancy progress. Sanggol® provides you with different shapes and styles of pillows Using certain pillows during different stages of pregnancy may help you with your overall sleep and comfort.

Sanggol® provides the best care to pregnant women by selling the highest quality Pregnancy Pillow Online. Our Body Pillows are great for pregnancy and pain relief after surgery and general body aches.







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